February 13th, 2019


After the storms comes growth, if we are smart to let go of what does not serve us a balanced purpose any longer.

It’s been a while since I had put my page down (Still updating look). I have a lot of things I’d like to organize, a lot of ideas, but I have no plan nor am in any rush against any clocks; I’m on my flow and hope you can find it useful.


Thank you to all of you old and new who support my work; I am glad I get to experience life around people who though not present, inspire me through this ongoing path we all have joined in consciousness.


Never forget that to the kind and pure hearted, every year is their year; not always on comfort, but the strength to overcome all challenges.

I have uploaded an article I wrote last year and wasn’t published. It’s ever so relevant and will be adding more on the topic as I can provide my own thoughts and perspective.

Here is the link:

“Rise Of A New Era – Article

Have a beautiful day.

~Angel Pendragon~


February 24th, 2018


Who else doodles while they work?

I find it useful when I’m thinking and I feel anxious. A form of therapy to help keep my train of thought aligned with my intention, instead of caving to whatever negativity is trying to get in my way.

Negativity is not something to fully rid externally, although it is of not denial that there is restructure to be done and apprehension of power where it is been abused, but also, it is something we must address of ourselves as sentient beings continuously.

When it manifests externally into existence (fatal/war, crime for example) It serves to remind us where we are headed. A way of a mental wake up call. However, it is one that has to be addressed at full extent, instead of trying to silence it, and call it peace.

Peace is an individual choice, but also, must be reflected in the presented.

Are we hypnotized with what is driving our existence to failure?

We decide what is valuable, because we make it relevant in our lives by investing our time, resources, attention to it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

Are we building war or are we building peace?

Let’s address our priorities as a society, or, deal with the consequences.

As I’ve already stated previously, if humanity cannot change their priorities as a collective, it will simply once again, drive the whole to extinction; no question.

So, what do the majority of people want? And, what is stopping the individual from acting in the true definition of ‘Right’?

Is now or never.

I recognize I am not the best with social media, or speed… But I am a perfectionist, and rather than a bunch of nonsense, I rather give a good piece to read, even if that means I slowdown.

When I rush, I tend to make mistakes, and it only makes sense that I prioritize on quality over quantity given that’s the motto after all. Also, if you take the time, you will find the scriptures here are worth the read over, as they are composed of many small details.

Most Recent post: Apocalypse

I hope you are having an alright day/night, wherever in the world you are.

February 22nd, 2018


It’s looking quite lovely out there (4:36pm NYC Time right now), the skies are mostly clear, sun is still shinning, and the weather is cool, but alright if you dress warm. I think I’m going for a walk after this.

How has your week gone so far?

Are you counting check marks, or focused on providing quality above speed or quantitative measure?

We got to sit with ourselves and be honest. But also, we got to know what’s that we are looking for.

I see a lot of people that chase things like “money”, or “fame”, or, simply a thing or a form of validation that is external; adults at least, can agree that the voids are not filled with things, or “experiences”, or others approving of us. It can only be filled by us.

Regardless of who in our lives at any point might have played a negative role (sadly, parents/caregivers seem to be doing things they shouldn’t more often than not), we have to find a form of healing, rather than ignore, or push it through anger, and other negative channels.

When the human heals, the need to play a role, and to be a force of discordance ceases to exist.

The rediscovery of what really means to feel happy. A genuine lasting sensation, regardless of how the day or circumstances might be in the present.

It isn’t easy at first, yet, the irony in paradox is that it actually is. Once we make the shift, we realize it, yet, depending on how committed to keeping this we are, we seem to collapse from time to time. Some more than others, but collectively, all have to continuously pave through the mental muck.

With this thought, I’ll share my list of posts below. Please kindly open your mind when you come and read; take these words and the work I put behind here as my gift to you reading this. I don’t get paid for all the hours and costs of what I do here. It is my piece to hopefully inspire/assist others in their evolution.

I do not have a lot, and, I lost a lot as well along the battle of saving my life and my son’s.

I share so you understand that circumstances don’t mean much to the willpower we hold within.

I wake up feeling a lot of pain and other symptoms that come and go, some days. My health battle is real, and I don’t talk about it simply because I do not blog with the intention to vent, or validate myself, but, with the intention to create inspiration. For you, and for myself.

We all go one day. And I hope before mine comes, I get to see a better world for all.

My “motherly” love is something that I always had since a small child. I assisted raising many children not of my own as a child myself; for some reason it seems to be something in me. Perhaps been my own parent made me into a parent? These are some of those things I ponder about.

Anyhow, I adore my son, and, when I see other kids all I think is the future is their world, and we are making it right now; us, the adults. What can I do to ensure it is better than I got it?

That’s a hard one for me to answer alone, but, I hope those of you reading here may be join me in been a better parent for the kids tomorrow. You don’t have to have kids, just know we all float on the same rock in an infinite universe.

Lets talk world peace, shall we? I want to fly beyond one rock, and we won’t get to even survive a century the way the world has been going. So, I say, lets make history TOGETHER. That it is known that those of us who lived today, regardless of what we have done (or not) so far, shift to make the long fought for dream.

Let’s honor the great leaders and master we often quote, and imitate them on the one thing they actually wanted to be imitated on, been a beacon of peace and love.

I love you all.

5:26pm now, gotta go.

  • Orion – Revival           – Love
    The Journey – Inspiration
    – Shooting Stars
  • Poetry – A World Of Hope – Eventus

**Click the images (snail, arm, flower); they link to posts under each book respectively.


February 19th, 2018


Today I’ve felt a little more productive in my writing than I had felt the last few days, still, the perfectionist in me likes to keep me on my toes, and I can forget to appreciate my own progress.

It is good to have goals, and work diligently on reaching them, but we also have to remember to rest, and to reflect in what we have (or have not) accomplished so far.

It serves to remind us where exactly it is we are, and how it connects to our intentions and where we have set our sights.

Would you walk aimlessly in the dark?

It is the same concept with how we should move forward as life unfolds.

We can create patterns, plans, etc. but, all of these are also at the mercy of the inevitable fate, change; so, been flexible is a necessity to adapt.

With thoughts of appreciation and adaptation, I made a couple additions to the site today:

With love,

February 18th, 2018


I have continued to update the site, and have made a few posts on Instagram as well.

There is a section called Angel, a form of a mini-autobiography, and where I will add personal news going forward.

I decided to remove the audio section, and instead add the audio clips to the same page as the writings.

I am also adding a new section, “Motion” where I will be posting video blogs (old/new).

Here are the links to the latest posts:

Have a fantastic New Lunar year (Year of the puppers🐕), and a great week ahead.

February 13th, 2018


I hope your week is going alright.

Given the increase on people sharing how clouded and confused they seem, I thought I’d share a little cheesy video to remind you (us) all of a few things:

We are the same little soul that once rested inside a woman’s womb; the only difference? Our shells have grown; some of us, gotten shattered, and aged, but still here nonetheless, and still our whole souls.

This is your experience. Don’t conform to a mold. But also, don’t feel that as an entitlement to use others, and destroy. We get what we give, not in speech, but the core reasons behind our deeds; so make choices for yourself and others wisely.

 Love you. Think of an ideal caring parent. One that is all the things you once wished home was, or if you are very lucky, as home perhaps was. Funny, full of understanding, patience, but also stern and wisely guiding. We are the called judges, protectors, lovers of ourselves. What we see in the world, before we question others, we have to do so of ourselves. Imagine if we all applied that simple (yet complex) principle?

 Also, BELIEVE in YOU! Often that is confused with agreeing with our lesser choices; however, by encouraging to believe in the self, is to sit with the self, and find it first. There you will see how you might be short-selling, or short-giving; there you will see what and where is your true calling, find that river of creativity and bring it forth to shine.

We are all loved right now; deeply, and needed. Even if you don’t have someone with you at the moment, think that as much as you are looking/thinking, so are they. We all have a special someone who hopefully is working on themselves, as we too should, so that “one day” comes sooner than just “tomorrow”. Find you, and you will find, them. Let the happiness in others inspire you to find your own. Gratitude is a beautiful, magical thing.

 Time will heal, as we tend to the work. Don’t let your situation overwhelm you; not matter the mountain standing between you and your dreams, you are equipped with all the tools, and things you need to succeed.


Check Orion and Blog later for updates.


I am making uploads daily (More later today). As I hone-in a more organized schedule, bear with the spontaneous, and check here often. I will make mentions of where I have posted content on the letters going forward.

I am proud to say all the work of this site and what you see on my social media is made by me (self taught as well). It has been challenging due to ongoing health set backs which have peaked in the recent months, but to me there is nothing more fulfilling and encouraging, than working towards your goals. However fast/slow, it isn’t a concern, as long as you are not quitting on the best version of yourself.

I appreciate all of you. There is no secret I do not have blood relatives besides my son, and with that, I consider all of you who open your hearts and souls, a part of my family. I am humbled and touched by your trust, and hope to improve personally not only on my methods, but the quality of the person I am, so I can help those who find me useful, in the best way possible. 💫

February 12th, 2018


Here is some music to inspire you (If you check the top left corner of the video, you will see it is a playlist).

Romance sure is magical, but don’t forget, it is the representation of the very source that births all life.

Attached or not, let it inspire you.

Been bitter will definitely not attract what you are looking for, as we can only manifest at the true level of our vibrations.

It isn’t what we say, or pose, but the deep thoughts we hold.

Life is pleasant and unpleasant continuously, at the same time. We notice where we place our focus.

“Where attention goes, Energy flows.” – James Redfield

How would you like your week to be? Be there now, in your thoughts. 💖

February 11th, 2018


Currently working on replies.

Thank you for reaching out, and for your patience.

I have brought back social media posts, and a new section I have not contributed  to in a while.

Looking forward to this new phase.

Wishing you all, a lovely week ahead.

PS: Don’t forget to check new post under “Poetry“, and soon to come, under “About You“.


February, 08th, 2018


Dear visitor,

I’ve yet to manage and catch up to uploads, and replies.
I have my own share of things I’ve been busy with, and though I wish to keep up, life happens sometimes.

I have not forgotten about the emails I’ve received either; will reply soon.

I’ve kept you in my thoughts, and remind you that not matter the issue, our best solution is to first reach to find balance within our emotions.

Inner peace leads to clarity.

Blank slate.

May your week end in a positive note.

Yours truly,

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