Beyond the definitions mere words can ever explain
The pain, the hurt, the abuse; the hand of narcissism
Took her away from her right by birth given freedom;
Made a slave, enforced to live under its forged care.

Forced its hand on the baby, on the little girl
And made sure to punch, kick, push, strangle,
And throw against pavement.

“Know your place little thing; you have no power against our kingdom”

The years in it many,
As many as those between the last of that, and the now.

Certainly, memories etched their rebellion
And live sitting awaiting for justice to show at the gate
Any day, in this chaotic earthly scenario.

The peace is kept within,
As it is a symbol of triumph against the reign of hell.

And though the work isn’t finished yet,

Rest assured, and certain of one thing

Victory is already in reign, the flames already burned;
Here right now, because from it, the spirit returned.

And as it feels, today, might just be the right day
To dawn onto the world true peace.

Mother isn’t going anywhere,
She’s here to stay, and it feels great.


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