Who’s to say which way time sways?

More or less, all limited by the nets.

Not to simply want to be
For pleasure,
Or for power thirst.

But each step, taken
Towards more meaningful ways to exist.

Each grass blade, swift of the wind,
Each leaf, each kid, accounted as more than serendipity.

A unique design; best experienced
Chasing true, over what others are.

One of a kind.

We all have our shine,
Without the need to corrupt our thoughts.

Without loosing the voice of our conscious, whereabouts.

Where do we place our sight?

Our ears, our hands?

Mistakes are opportunities of strength
Through humbleness, and smart work.

As all plants
If we reach for the sky,
Eventually, we find the best answer,
To the questions that in honesty,
We rely to solve.




English; the central point, pin, or shaft on which a mechanism turns or oscillates.



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