Scientific vision.

The big bang theory. Out of nothing comes a spark, and from it, a vast universe is fund.

Beyond human comprehension, and as time proves, a civilization that rises and collapses due to confusion.

We carry knowledge and wisdom embedded in our souls; and, the very things of which our bodies are composed of.

As we search internally, the confusion will cease to grapple at our core, and divinity can then dawn upon.

You can call it anything; God, spirit, essence, mentality evolved; and, any other name you care to conjure.

It is what it is, and humans are only a particle of something much greater than what they ever get to explore.

Scientific or spiritual way of belief, we can all agree, as evidence is plenty through history.

Oceans unknown, space yet to see, and beyond reach.

Peace is laughed upon by some, and others, worshiped and chosen to lead to the destruction of the world, while chanting to heaven: “come and rescue us oh lord, from the sins of this world.

Protect our weapons, and medicate our sons; arm the leaders with lead, but make sure they are not taking too much of our money, they don’t do enough.”

I wonder what holy books are those they uphold?

For the examples made on them, are that those who destroy, fall sooner or later, by the power of balance that moves all.

I’ve also read, that only a heart as pure of that of a child, is pleasant to the source.

In an ethical and philosophical standpoint, one is to uphold all events as a string, to source knowledge in guiding a thriving society to growth.

Nature as well; it does not reproduce where the environment is not sustainable for it to exist.

Quoting or labeling oneself or movement as something, doesn’t make it, it.

Wake up from the haze, and realize the enemy of your growth, is the settlement on ignorance, or been comfortable with pretending, over embodying the truth.

Pretense, or sentience?

Look within for the key.


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